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Brickfair Question - 0-4-0

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Brickfair Question - 0-4-0

Post  maarek on Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:01 pm

I received this today. I did post a reply which I think maybe somewhat accurate.

I was really hoping you would have instructions for that 0-4-0 steam locomotive I saw on the display.
It would be really nice if you could get me some instructions :-)

P.S. I am the on who asked you about the GG1

My reply:

I'm not sure whom you spoke to. I run the website and wasn't present during public hours. I will however post you query on the forums in the general lego discussion.

Generally speaking most MOCs have no directions and are the a lot of trail and error.

That said I will ask.


~Jim Catagnus
aka Maarek
pirat PennLUG Website & Social Media Strategos pirat


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Re: Brickfair Question - 0-4-0

Post  Cale on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:38 am

The only one of us train guys that have an 0-4-0 is showNate and he didn't have his on display at the show so I'm guessing he means my little Reading 0-6-0.

Reading #1251

I don't have instructions for it unfortunately. A good set of instructions can be incredibly time consuming to create so I normally don't do them. Unless I were to get paid for doing the work there is just not enough incentive to do it on a routine basis. I appreciate the interest though.


Railroad Tycoon

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