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LEGO Build the Change (BTC) Event Opportunity

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LEGO Build the Change (BTC) Event Opportunity

Post  Cale on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:52 pm

I received this from LEGO Community coordinators Jim Foulds and Kevin Hinkle. The title is a bit misleading as it's not an actual event but a resource available to us for events we do.

Do you have an upcoming event linked to a children's center or museum? How about an event that you are engaging the public around a topic of change?

Well, the community team has an opportunity for you. We have a program called - Build the Change. Through this program we have a kit containing:

24 boxes filled with mixed LEGO Bricks, app. 500kg
1000 building plates, 16x16 dots
16 building/display tables (16m2)
Event guidelines
T-shirts for the staff

There is a cost in renting this material from us which is for one event day runs 30000 DKK (shipping not included) or 6000 USD. There are additional costs added per extra event day.

The reason we are sharing this with you, is if you are working with a 3rd party that is looking to do something big with LEGO bricks, you can offer this up as another way to fill a venue without the need to hunt for bricks, tables, etc.

Some examples on the web:
Youtube -
In Australia -

Picture of the assembly – tables can be reconfigured in many combinations

Picture from event:

For those are interested or would like more details, please contact Jim Foulds

$6000 per day is pretty steep and you have to give the stuff back. scratch I'm not sure any of the local events we do would really be willing to front the cost for this sort of thing but you never know when the right opportunity may come along so it's good to know this sort of thing is out there I guess.

Cale Leiphart
Railroad Tycoon

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Re: LEGO Build the Change (BTC) Event Opportunity

Post  P_Thorne on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:26 pm

Five hundred kilos is a heck of a lot of brick. How many cubic meters is that?

Only one size, I wonder? (24 boxes with 500 kg brick, 1000 plates, 16 tables). Smaller fractions would seem appropriate for events with limited space or smaller predicted attendance.

1/2 = 12/250, 500, 8 = $3000 ?
1/4 = 6/125, 250, 4 = $1500 ?
1/8 = 3/60, 125, 2 = $750 ?

The tables are probably a lot cheaper and lighter than the brick, so maybe the fractional packages would have more tables so the participants would be less densely packed.
2x3 Brick
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