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PennLUG October 1st 2011 Meeting and a Challenge

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PennLUG October 1st 2011 Meeting and a Challenge

Post  Cale on Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:04 am

The October 1st meeting will be hosted by Joel at the America on Wheels Auto Museum in Allentown PA. More details will be posted soon.

Since this is meeting is at an auto museum I wanted to present a challenge to the group. I'm challenging the you guy's to build some auto themed MOCs. It can be any thing from a car, to a truck, to a future concept or even a mosaic. Anything auto related is game. Of course all other MOCs are still welcome as well so bring those too.

Railroad Tycoon

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Re: PennLUG October 1st 2011 Meeting and a Challenge

Post  P_Thorne on Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:36 pm

I will not be attending this one (it's an 80-minute drive). In my absence, please consider whether you'd like to help with/contribute to/attend Philcon 2011. More complete detail is included with my announcement for Philcon 2010. (See also: convention site.)

Run a game! Display MOCs! Lead a building technique workshop! Organize a trivia quiz show!

Actually, it would be helpful (since Philcon has deadlines to meet for programming, staff lists and publication) if you could decide and contact me (or contact me to help decide) even *before* October 1. Since I won't be at the meeting to give a spiel, you won't be missing anything by acting early. (Hmm. Do we have any members sufficiently new that they *haven't* heard my Philcon recruitment speech, or are otherwise unfamiliar with the nature of Philcon?)
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Re: PennLUG October 1st 2011 Meeting and a Challenge

Post  PennLUG on Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:38 pm

Thanks for starting this post Cale. A few updates. The meeting starts at 11am as usual, but we have to end the meeting at 4pm. The museum is open to us full access during the time we are there. If you would like to come at 10am to have a go round the museum before the meeting you are welcome to, just let me know you are coming early. Food will be potluck style, so please bring whatever you like, but we will need people to offer up to bring food. Drinks and food need to stay inside the meeting room. There is also the Cafe that is there now, and they serve items like hotdogs and ice cream and such, so if you want that bring some money. For those that want to hang around and have a meeting that last later then 4pm, we can head back to my place, or we can schedual a activity that is local for us to go and do.

The primary topic to be disscussed of course will be the display at the muesum, since we will be having the meeting in the same room our display will be in. Any questions feel free to ask.

2x4 Brick
2x4 Brick

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Re: PennLUG October 1st 2011 Meeting and a Challenge

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