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Congrats n more

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Congrats n more

Post  Supreme Overlord in Exile on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:29 pm

Just wanted to say Congratulations on best train layout you guys recently were awarded and glad to see the club has grown and matured (well matured as far as it can with adults playing with lego)

While finding any AFOLs out here is pretty much a lost cause, working in the oil field of ND has certainly afforded me the ability to make some nice lego purchases. I've been working on some things but pictures and such will have to wait. I am in the process of finishing my book and getting it ready for printing/publication etc blah blah blah.

You train fans will be interested in a recent news article in the Minot ND newspaper. The Elizabethown train station re-opening was in there along with a picture of the one engine pulling into the station (old one i dunno which, do i look like a train guy?)

Leg godt, live long and prosper, don't eat yellow snow, you know the drill

gotta get back to work. Somebody has to drill that oil so they can keep making brick!

Supreme Overlord in Exile
Raw ABS pellet

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Re: Congrats n more

Post  D_Runyon on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:53 am

Cool stuff- thanks for the update! I want to see your robot standing tall in all its glory some day. :-)
2x4 Brick
2x4 Brick

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